About Me

Hi! I’m NatBe.

I am a self proclaimed digital media nerd! I absolutely love digital media. Photography, digital art and painting, web design… I could go on and on but let me spare you! I am a graphic designer by trade so my focus over the last decade has been on branding, layout design and typography but recently I found myself drawn to food photography and digital painting.

I’ve had a little training in photography way back when I was in school. It was mostly in portraiture, which I didn’t really enjoy so a lot of the info didn’t really stick. Now that I am at my current job, I’m getting the opportunity to explore food photography and I am loving it! I’m also trying to draw more, and learn how to paint digitally, find my personal drawing style along the way. I hope you will join me through this experience and learn some techniques with me!

Check out my first post “Don’t Resist the Push! Flashback” where I share more about why I decided to start this blog! You can also check out my portfolio where I post my most favourite projects, and drawing studies. I will also be sharing my digital sketchbook with update posts once a month!

Till the next one!