Confessions of a First-Time-Mom (FTM): First Trimester

For me, the journey to motherhood has been exciting, rewarding, stressful, fun, and downright hard work.  My whole life seems to centre around this tiny person that captures my every thought and my entire heart.  It’s hard to describe what pregnancy feels like for a first-time-mom.  And if you’re anything like me you obsessively track every symptom, ache, or twinge and invade Google until you’re satisfied that what you’re feeling is “normal”.  I’ve wanted to be a mom for a very long time and while it didn’t take long to conceive, it feels like I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life.

Trying to Conceive: The Baby Dance (BD)

As any mom knows, the baby dance can be fun, exciting, and great for bonding with your partner.  And if nothing else you feel like a million bucks when the music ends (if you’re lucky!)  But if you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, the baby dance can quickly become an exercise in charting body temperature, ovulation tracking, and scheduled intimacy (boring and stressful!).  Hubby and I tried to conceive for about three months before we got some helpful advice from our Family Doctor.  He’s awesome but even he got a little red in the face discussing the art of baby dancing with us!

TWW: Two Week Wait

Some women seem to conceive every time they blink.  My mom and one of my sisters are definitely in the sneeze-to-conceive club.  Sigh.  Hubby and I had to work at it for about three months.  Now that’s not super long, but if you’ve had to try, try again, you know that the two-week-wait is BRUTAL!  Every month you track, you baby dance, you hope and pray…then wait.  And wait, and wait and WAIT!  During those first few months I spent a ridiculous amount of money on every pregnancy test on the market.  After a while the cost and the disappointment was just too much for me and I stopped believing in the promises on the box.  Five days sooner my petunia!

BFP: Big Fat Positive

During the month we conceived we had also been working on the last minute details of our wedding.  We were getting married on New Years Eve and planned to start the new year with a great big bang! I had my dress custom fitted to my generous curves and I made sure to try it on a week or so before the wedding so there were no surprises.  Oh it was perfect in every way and I was excited to become a Mrs.  The night before my wedding my mom was measuring my hips and bust for some last minute alterations to a jacket she was making.  When she wrote down the numbers my jaw dropped.  I quickly ran home to check my last fitness log only to find my body had changed in ways I had never experienced before! The morning of my wedding arrived, and as everyone tried to stuff me into my corset gown…I just knew.  On New Years Day I woke up as a wife and found out I was also a first-time-mom-to-be!

Baby Fever

I will never forget the look on hubby’s face when I told him we were pregnant.  He was over the moon.  Hubby called all our closest friends while I ran to my mom’s house where my sisters were having breakfast.  I ran in clutching both pee sticks and waved them around as I jumped and twirled like a happy fool.  And from that moment on I was insatiable.  I downloaded every pregnancy app I could find, tracked every symptom and scheduled doctors appointments, all while obsessing and driving hubby mad being impatient for the moment when our baby would finally become the size of a lemon.  Oh how I wanted a lemon.  I dreamed of lemons (among other weird and downright scary things), darn you pregnancy hormones!  If you have a pregnancy app you know that lemons mark the 13 week point where your pregnancy is well established and you begin the second trimester.  I’ve never been so obsessed with fruit in all my life!  Between week six and week thirteen, I was poked and prodded, gave away half my blood and cried during both my ultrasounds.  I will never forget the first time I heard the sound of my baby’s heartbeat.  It was…life altering.  No matter what your experience has been so far, just enjoy the ride.  No matter how bumpy it may be.  My pregnancy seems to be going by faster than I first thought, but I’m also happy to have successfully made it out of the first-trimester.  Baby is about to be the size of an orange…but I still can’t wait ’till my little one gets to be a banana!


  • BFP – cycle day 29 (regular cycle 26-28 days)
  • First doctors appointment – 5 weeks pregnant
  • First ultrasound – 8 weeks pregnant
  • First appointment with OBGYN – 11 weeks pregnant
  • Second ultrasound – 12 weeks pregnant
  • Baby bump appeared – 12 weeks pregnant